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Welcome to G&H Recruitment Services

If you’re looking for a reliable and personalized service, you’ve come to the right place. At G&H Recruitment Services we’ll give you the attention and personal service you expect to receive. In a tight labour market you want to be able to choose what is best for you.

We want to help you the client employer to find the right candidate with the right skill set, knowledge and experience to match your requirements .Feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to come in and discuss your needs and the help that we can provide. As for you the  job seeker, once your background appears to match a current search assignment or job order spec.we will discuss the position with you at an interview and disclose the name of the client company before presenting you to the employer. We 
would however, first post the job details on our website after placing a classified Ad in a 
local newspape

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Please note that registration with us does not  guarantee you the jobseeker ,employment. Your 
ability to land a  job through us depends on how well you match the skill set , experience and
qualifications criteria set out by the Client (employer) for the vacancy/vacancies for which he has requested assistance from the agency.
About Us
We were registered in August 2012 under section 5 of the Registration of Business Names Act Chapter 13.3 of the revised Laws of St. Lucia. GHRS is headed by a mature professional with 30 years experience in senior executive and managerial positions in both the public and private sectors covering such areas as public finance and financial management, international trade and commerce, marketing and in more recent years, human resource development, serving as Training Coordinator and acting Executive Manager for a regional association of electric utilities. Has also served as Training Director for the Employers Federation and prior to establishing this agency was engaged in gathering business intelligence from the local private sector  for the ECCB. He holds a and post graduate diploma in Human Resources Management from UWI.

Core Vision
To provide a ready platform to enable clients (employers ) to freely place their staffing requests and to empower job-seekers to realize their career goals.

A major challenge for recruiters has been consolidating candidates resumes in one location and being able to access and update them at any time .At G&H Recruitment Services we have the tools to do that and more. Given the the wide functionality of our applicant tracking system to incorporate candidate tracking, resume management, job requisition management, client and contact management,interview scheduling among other things, we believe we can offer both clients and candidates a fairly reliable service.

We cater to persons looking for temporary, part-time and permanent work including those persons in their fifties and beyond. It is a well known fact that during periods of sluggish economic growth and low business confidence employers become apprehensive about the effect on their bottom line of hiring full time workers in any significant way. We believe that by forging meaningful ties with you our client employers we can ease your stress by offering temporary,part-time and temp. to permanent hiring solutions where needed.
At G&H Recruitment Services we take our responsibilities seriously
                                Responsibilities to Client.

* Developing long-term and trusted relationships with clients by acquiring a
  comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the organization ,its culture and hiring
* Receiving and consulting on client requirement  and communicating
   requirements to relevant cadidates
* Managing the recruitment process from candidate screening to interview,
  performance feedback and offer negotiation.  

                      Responsibilities to Candidate

*Providing general career advice and guidance.

* Briefing candidates on suitable roles and preparing   candidates for client interviews.